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In full disclosure, I haven't figured this out yet. But I can see it. It's awesome.

Everyday Ales

  • Brown Ale

  • Pale Ale

  • American cream ale

  • Irish Ale

  • Scottish Ale

Stronger Beers

  • IPAs

  • Imperial Stout

  • Bock

  • Wee Heavy


  • Pilsner

  • Helles

  • Dunkel

  • Vienna

  • American Pre-Pro

Dark Beers

  • Stouts

  • Porters

  • English Dark Milds

  • Weizen

  • Dunkelweizen

  • Belgian Witbier

  • Roggenbier

Fruit Beers

  • If it makes you smile, then try it (we have nylon bags)

  • #4 Fruit Purees: Apricot, Sweet Cherry, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Blood Orange, Raspberry, Blackberry, Peach, Strawberry, Cranberry

Belgian Ales

  • Belgian Blondes

  • Farmhouse/Saison

  • Dubbel

  • Witbier

  • Tripel

One Gallon Recipes

  • Anything that is done as a 5 gallon recipe, just scaled down.

  • All grain

  • Extract & Specialty grains

All Grain

These beers are the same as the extract-based beers, except brewers will use ALL GRAINS.

Optional: Crushed Grains or not