Boxed Beer Recipe Kits

We sell boxed recipe kits. The recipes come from our own recipe books. We use canned and dry malt extract instead of the bulk malt we usually pour, which means gift givers don’t have to worry about ingredients going bad before their brewer decides to make beer. Additionally, the kits contain dry yeast, crushed specialty grains, a muslin bag to steep the grains, priming sugar and caps.

We’ve also written the instructions to be clear for first-time brewers to follow. Boxed recipes can also be made for you at other times of the year. A boxed recipe makes a great birthday or Father’s (or Mother’s) Day present.

Recipe Kits

  • American Amber Ale
Smooth, malty red ale; a great beer to share with folks on a cold winter night. Four different crystal malts for a rich garnet red color and great mouthfeel.
  • Belle Saison
Crisp dry Belgian Farmhouse style ale; some light candi sugar and an authentic Belgian saison yeast
  • Snowblower/Weedwhacker Ale
American wheat ale made with light caramalt & torrified wheat; this is a very good recipe to use with our fruit essence
  • Old Growler
Classic Northern English Brown Ale; very popular with our retail customers; Smooth and malty, a great session ale.
  • Bone Idle Stout
A perfect pint to relax with; we use flaked barley for extra body, roasted barley & caramel malts; moderately dark and roasty
  • Double Play Pale Ale
Hoppy American amber; classic American hops; easy to drink
  • Expedition's Reward India Pale Ale
This English style IPA uses plenty of hops for a pronounced hop bitterness and flavor
  • Smythie's Irish Red Ale
An easy drinking session brew; rich garnet red color, smooth not too bitter, flaked maize for extra authenticity
  • Old Goat Strong Bock
Strong, dark &malty brew for special occasions; we use German chocolate & dark crystal and Belgian Aromatic
  • Golden Ale
Canadian export style; extra-light malt extract and rice syrup keep the color & body light; light bitterness and aroma
  • Poppin' Pilsner
A golden lager brewed with a nice hoppy bite: crisp & refreshing!
  • Dark of the Moon Dunkel
A malty, dark all malt lager; lightly hopped with Perle & Hersbrucker; GR. dark crystal, chocolate, Munich & Belgian Biscuit
  • East Coast Stream
A reddish/amber classic, hopped with Northern Brewer; best with Wyeast #2112; ferment w/lager yeast at ale temps
  • Apricot Ale
Magic Hat Brewery in Burlington makes the original; it’s a pale ale flavored with apricot essence, yum!; 5.5%/vol.
  • Belgian Witbier
A crisp & refreshing Belgian wheat ale; coriander seed and dried orange peel; try with Wyeast #3942 or #3944
  • Ruby Rye Ale
Our special red ale with a difference; the rye adds a spicy flavor, dark crystal and a bit of chocolate rye for color
  • Munich Helles
We use extra-light malt extract, cara-pils & pilsner malts for added body; a smooth,& malty, for an easy drinking light lager style
  • Annie's Oatmeal Stout
This recipe uses five specialty malts for a smooth, dark, chocolaty stout; malted oats add rich body.
  • Pete's Peaks Porter
A dark and hoppy; we use Munich , chocolate and crystal malts for color & body; will just get better & smoother with time.
  • German Altbier
A copper-colored, hoppy German ale; we use dark German crystal & amber malt extract; Northern Brewer hops and Tettnang for flavor/aroma.
  • Tigermilk
A very extra special bitter; Belgian specialty grains & flaked maize; light malt extract; English hops to bitter, Willamette for aroma; this recipe has a very loyal following here.
  • Tilter Wig
A Scottish 70 shilling ale: malty & garnet red; just a bit of smoked malt for a subtle smoke ; great session beer
  • Joe Juice
An English cream stout named in honor of our Flying Tiger driver Joe Steffen; dark ale, creamy smooth, not bitter (like Joe).