Once you have your equipment, it's time for a recipe. We want to help you make the beer you want. Ask us for one of our recipes or tell us the ingredients you need and we will put it together for you.

Perfect Presents for Homebrewers

During the holidays we will have a variety of boxed kits that make a great present for a homebrewer. Canned and dry malt have a longer shelf life than our bulk malt. Kits include crushed grains, muslin bag, malt, hops, yeast, caps & priming sugar. Ales and lagers, light or dark.

Let's get creative!

If you can imagine your homebrew but it has a twist to it, maybe we need to make a customized recipe for you. Amber ale with cherry smoked malt?

Witbier with Amarillo hops and Grapefruit peel?

American pale ale with a Belgian yeast and some Vermont honey?

We are always ready to make a recipe up. Your imagination and our ingredients! It's why homebrewing is so much fun.

VHS recipes

Over the years we have written many many recipes. They are organized by affinity. All recipes are meant to be tweaked or not. Try one and ask us to adjust something the next time to make it even "better" for you.

  • Everyday ales

  • Dark beers

  • Strong beers

  • Belgian beers

  • Light and or Fruity

  • Lagers

  • One gallon recipes

  • All grain recipes

  • Wheat Beers