Dry Wine Yeasts

(for Cider & Mead, too!)

Lalvin ,Red Star & Fermentis

All dry wine yeasts can be used to ferment up to 5 gallons of wine, cider, and mead. If you are making a high alcohol beverage, make sure to add some yeast nutrient.

Please keep yeast refrigerated until you use it.

Lalvin 71B

Lalvin EC-1118

Lalvin D-47

Lalvin K1V-1116

Lalvin RC-212

Lalvin QA-23

Red Star Premier Cuvée

Red Star Premier Côte des Blancs

Red Star Premier Classique

Red Star Premier Blanc

Red Star Premier Rouge

Fermentis SAFCider AB-1

Best for sweet and dry ciders from fresh of concentrated apple juices. Provides very fresh aromatic profiles (apple, floral) with a crisp mouthfeel' enhances cider structure.

Fermentis SAFCider AC-4

Ideal for all types of sweet and dry ciders from fresh or concentraed apple juices. Provides a delicate aroma porfile of fresh (apple) and elaborated (applesauce) fruit notes with a balanced mouthfeel, respecting cider structure.

Fermentis SAFCider TF-6

For sweet ciders from fresh apple juices. Delivers high aromatic intensity and complexity with fresh, fruity notes (apple, Banan-pear, and exotic fruits) combined with elaborated fruit notes (applesauce) Finishes with a sweet, round mouthfeel.