About Us

Our Beginnings

Matt & Anne have been small business owners since the 80's. Once Anne started brewing, the opportunity to buy a homebrew store was a dream come true. We have our specialties and love working together. Now our son Terry is a big part of the business. It's so nice owning a business where people are happy to visit. And if we do it right, brewers even share some homebrews with us. Win-win!

A Little About Us

Anne Whyte

I have always liked to make food from scratch. When I was home with our two small childen, I gardened, canned and baked. When I learned that you could make your own beer at home, well, hello! I am kind of a perfectionist and I have really tried hard to be the best brewer I can be. I entered our local competitions and the ribbons helped my confidence. I really like to homebrew. If I can share my successes and failures, good ideas and ones that didn't work out, then I can help you to become a really good homebrewer too.

Matt Whyte

Matt grew up in New Jersey and made his way to Vermont to attend St. Micheal's College. He used his English degree to start a framing & roofing business. That's pretty Vermonty. When it was time to think about another business that could keep him indoors all winter, the homebrew shop was his next business. Matt is the best person to brew for.

Terry Whyte

Terry started working for us when we considered growing hops for the store. We now have a profound respect for how hard farming is. When we needed help in the store Terry stepped right in. He's very patient with new brewers and has a wicked sense of humor.


Every cool shop needs a cool shop dog.

Enter Bear!

He is the fluffy doorbell who will give a bark when you knock on the window for pick-up.