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Use the menu to explore what we have to offer homebrewers, winemakers, cidermakers, soda makers, kombucha makers, and all you other makers!

We are open 7 days a week! 

Monday-Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: 11-3

Labor Day Weekend 2023

we will be closed on Sunday & Monday 

September 3rd & 4th

What's New in the Store?

Munich Bulk Malt extract (Great for malty lagers: Bock, Dunkel, Vienna & Octoberfest.  But also great in: Brown ales, Porters and Irish red ales)

7.9 gallon fermenters & bottling buckets

6.5 gal. fermenters & Bottling buckets

1 liter red & white grape concentrates

5.2 pH stabilizer

Brew-in-a-Bag bag, with handles

Briess Premier Pilsen grain

Briess Blonde Roast Oats

Kviek Lutra- back in stock

Dried Hibiscus flowers


Brown glass growlers- back in stock

Mocha oak chips

Used, reconditioned 5 gallon 

ball lock kegs

Individual 1 liter clear & brown

 flip-top bottles

375 ml "moonshine" bottles w/stopper

Individual 500 ml. blue flip-top bottles

Fermentis BE-134: a crisp & dry Saison style yeast; 9-11% potential ABV

Fermentis SAF-Cider Yeasts

Mango Puree

Philly Sour dry yeast + culture

Voss Kviek Yeast

Gifts for brewers

If anyone is looking for present ideas for brewers, we can help:

CO2 Update

CO2 availability is better than last summer.  We have been able to exchange as we have needed.  You can always call us to make sure we have a tank to exchange.  Please take off the regulator and any teflon tape on the threads.  I have written a page about priming your kegs.  While you will still need CO2 for purging, sealing & pushing your beer, priming will help you to stretch out the CO2 you have.  Please read this, and as always, Vermont Homebrew will do our best to help you get that tasty homebrew into your glass.  Anne

2023 Masking Update: 

Back to normal? Yes!!!

 I have taken the "please mask" sign off the door.   I want to thank everyone that masked for us.  It was truly appreciated.  If you have or want to  mask inside, please do!   We want to help you make great homebrew.  Let's keep looking out for each other!  Anne

Curbside procedure (You can also have someone else do the pick-up for you):

Just give us a call, and we will put your order together.  (802) 655-2070

Provide credit card information over the phone, so you don’t even have to enter the store.  Or wait until you get here to pay.  Whichever works for you.

Come inside, we'll have everything ready.

We accept cash, cards and checks.  If you are spending less than $5, we appreciate cash.  Thank you!

We will crush your grain & pour your malt

Please continue to bring in your malt buckets for refills. If you want to bring in a shopping bag, please do.  

If you are spending $5 or less, we still prefer cash.

Thank you for your patience and wonderful attitudes throughout these changes. 

Our New Email

As part of an ongoing project to improve back of the house tech, we have a new email.  Almost like the old one:


(This is my anti-spammer strategy.  A new inbox without any spam is a real delight!) Update: this seems to be working.  Way less spam in the inbox.  Woot!

April 2022

Here's news that I don't want to share with you all. Bear passed away this week.  It was very sudden and he passed gently.  He was such an important part of Vermont Homebrew.  From "greeting" the brewers, grunting like a little pig when he saw the little brewers, to enjoying all the tasty treats you shared with him.  He was convinced he was a big dog in stature.  He will be missed everyday here and at home.  Thanks to all the brewers who stopped to pet him and enjoy his spirit. 

Take care and thanks again for all the support and smiles you share with us, 

Anne, Terry & Matt 🐾 

Our New Website

This is  a work in progress!  Hopefully it will become a helpful place for you to look, find, and learn about Vermont Homebrew Supply and how we can help you.   

Thanks for your continued support and smiles during the last year.  I think I speak for all of us homebrewers when I say, at the end of a long day, a homebrew tastes pretty good.

Our Location

We are located at 147 East Allen Street (Rt. 15) in Winooski, Vermont.

We are in the same parking lot as the Beverage Warehouse.

Our Hours

Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m-3 p.m.

We are open 7 days a week with the exception of some universally acknowledged holidays. 

Contact Us

📞  802-655-2070

Email: vtbrewATvermonthomebrewDOTCOM

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